Details matter, it is worth getting it right

Singers interested in joining the choir must have a minimum of three years’ choral experience, excellent sight-singing, an excellent ear for intonation, a blending voice, able to sing without vibrato at will.

They must be quick and independent learners, conscientious and prepared, team players, able to take and follow direction, and flexible in their schedule for concerts, tours, competitions, recordings, and other events as needed.

Our rehearsals are done a cappella and take place over the course of a short period (days or weeks) prior to each concert. Therefore, singers must come to the first rehearsal fully prepared and “concert ready”. Focus during rehearsals is placed on: ensemble, intonation, blend, style, and sound production.

Click here for a more detailed list of expectations.

Rehearsals usually take place in Hamilton.

10 reasons to audition

  1. We sing great music mostly from the renaissance and baroque era, but also venture in later music
  2. We explore repertoire off the beaten path
  3. We work hard to present vibrant and polished performances
  4. No weekly rehearsals. We rehearse intensely shortly before concerts.
  5. We present sensitive and unique interpretations
  6. We are a small group where every member is absolutely essential
  7. We work with like minded singers and players
  8. We travel
  9. We are an exciting group
  10. We get paid by profit-sharing to do what we love: sing

To schedule an audition

Fill the application
Send in a résumé
Call 905.719.1477 or email info [at] musikay [dot] ca to schedule an audition.

Audition repertoire

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Download Dufay score

Download Clemens non papa score

Attention at the audition is given to the level of preparedness, rhythmic precision, intonation, the ability to adapt, and to blend.

Your level of preparation at the audition must reflect your level of preparation for a first rehearsal.

Note that we expect singers to come to the first rehearsal concert ready.

Click here for preparation tips and guidelines.

Scales to help with just intonation


C_major | C_minor | D_major | D_minor | E_major | E_minor |

F_major | F_minor | G_major | G_minor | A_majorA_minor |

Bb_major | Bb_minor | B_minor | Eb_major | Eb_minor |


The Ensemble also has positions available for string players (violins, viola, cello, bass). We seek musicians with an interest, knowledge, and experience in early music performing practices.

The orchestra performs an average of 1 to 3 programs per season; each program being presented a minimum of two times.

Please contact us to setup an audition.