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Musikay performs choral and instrumental classical music to inspire audiences and nurture their understanding of music’s relevance in our world.


Moved by our passion for vibrant interpretations, we demonstrate how music transcends the printed notes on a page, enable audiences to experience a wide spectrum of emotions, and foster new talent.


We are internationally celebrated for our evocative performances and for our pure and rich sound.


Maestro Stéphane Potvin created Musikay in 2005 with the establishment of a chamber choir. During its first year of existence, a total of four singers performed in the choir. It closed its first season with a performance at the 2006 Brott Music Festival in Burlington, Ontario. A year later, the choir expanded to eight singers, presenting its first self-produced concert in June 2007. In September of that year, it launched its first full five-program concert season. By then the ensemble had ten singers and a regular group of instrumentalists.

At the beginning of the 2008 – 2009 season the choir changed its rehearsal schedule, adopting the format common to professional choirs: rehearsing intensely in the days preceding each concert. That approach allowed the ensemble to attract more qualitied and experienced performers whose time is often limited.

Since then, Musikay has presented a variety of programs from vocal duet with string ensemble performing Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater, vocal quartets, to sixteen voice choir with full baroque sized orchestra presenting Bach cantatas, Handel Oratorios, including Messiah annually. In order to build a consistent sound and style, the group started focusing on music from the Renaissance and Baroque eras, while incorporating more contemporary works that match the spirit and aesthetics of the early music.

Today, Musikay continues to captivate audiences with its musical artistry and genuine passion.