Learning opportunities

Musikay offers a number of learning opportunities for the uninitiated to the advanced musician.
Pre-concert chats

One hour before each concert, we present a pre-concert chat where you can learn about the music presented that day.


On the weekend before each concert, you have the chance to join the singers of Musikay and sing-along some of the music of the upcoming concert.


Our podcasts feature interviews with our performers, discussions on music subjects, and personal thoughts on a variety of topic related to Musikay and music.


Throughout the season we present several workshop from our most popular How to handle Messiah, our Confident chorister series—which includes music reading skills, score preparation, conducting, vocal technique, and intonation to name a few—to our professional development programs.

Our workshops are priced very reasonably at $30 each (excluding the professional conducting workshops).
For those wishing to attend more than one session we offer discounted rate of $55 for two workshops, and $80 for three.

Pre-registration is required for all classes.

Conducting workshops

Conducting for teachers & church leaders

This event is perfect for individuals leading community choirs, church choirs, school choirs, and instrumental groups. Learn to refine your conducting skills, develop your gestures, and learn how to make your rehearsals more efficient.

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Professional conducting workshop

Improve your conducting technique and rehearsal pacing. Become a more efficient conductor.

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The confident performer

Music/sight-reading for choristers

Learn how to improve your music reading or sight-singing using a methodical approach. We offer three levels of this workshop.

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Efficient preparation

Learn how to better prepare your music to gain confidence and better enjoy your choral singing. We offer three levels of this workshop.

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Conducting for choristers

Develop basic conducting gestures. Give clear verbal instructions. Learn efficiency in rehearsals. We offer three levels of this workshop.

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Vocal technique

Learn to produce a rich sound and to project properly by using the age old Bel Canto principles.

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Singing in tune

Learn to sing in tune in all settings.

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Other workshops

Grant writing workshop

Grant writing is a valuable skill for musicians, composers, conductors, and educators. This workshop will be a great introduction for beginners or a chance to brush up and fine tune the skills you already have. Learn the key components of writing a good proposal.

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The art of the accompanist

The art of accompanying is one of the most difficult to master. This workshop will help soloists to learn the basics of ensemble playing.

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