Vocal technique workshop

Pre-registration is required for this class.

Target audience:

This workshop is for choral singers of all levels and singers at large.


Learn to sing efficiently, without fatigue or strain. Learn the proper technique to better project even in large halls. Produce richer sound, blend better, and improve your intonation.


Discover the history of singing technique from the Bel Canto to Manuel Garcia, to todays’ methods. Understand the functions of the different physical elements of sound productions. In combination to the act of singing, we will discuss posture in rehearsal and concert. You will experience singing like never before. You will know how to sing in a way that provides blend and allows you to hear others around you.

Dates TBA



  • History of vocal techniques
  • Dos and don’ts of singing
  • Common mistakes and unproductive exercises
  • Warm up exercises
  • Posture while sitting and standing
  • Proper holding of music Basic tuning