We all have a dream.

Mine is to create a professional quality ensemble in the Hamilton-Oakville area to perform classical music.

I want to sing at the level I experienced when I was part of the McGill Chamber Singers—Only the best singers were part of that group. Our conductor Fred Stoltzfus taught us to care for fine intonation, phrasing, musicality, blend, and ensemble.

Rehearsals were extremely well run and challenging, and in the end, the concerts were fantastic.

I also had the privilege of hearing and working with some European choirs whose musical standards are some of the highest.

I want to find like-minded singers who have the same desire for great music and great performances as I do.

I do not want to do notes, I want to do real music, passionately.

If you want the same thing, contact me.

Musikay does not hold weekly practices. We meet four times before for each program to make it easier to get together and make glorious music.

I hope I can find my musical soul mates.