Expectations for singers

We seek singers who

  • have at least three years of choral experience
  • are interested in a professional choral experience
  • possess excellent sight singing skills & excellent ear for intonation
  • can blend with other voices & sing without vibrato at will
  • come to rehearsals fully prepared & concert ready
  • invest time between rehearsals to constantly improve
  • care for details (quality of vowels, precise consonants, attacks and release, phrasing, etc.)


Singers of Musikay

  • have a passion for exquisite choral music and fine music making
  • find singing in a small chamber ensemble refreshing and challenging
  • are ready for anything, any tempo, and any interpretation
  • are precise in their work and in their singing
  • can perform early music using scores using a variety of notations
  • enjoy working in a fast paced environment
  • strive for musical and personal excellence
  • want to challenge themselves
  • love creating enriching musical experiences for audiences and themselves