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  • Paul Hawkins
  • Heidi Hoffman
  • Stephane Potvin

Advisory Board

  • Dr. Jim Douketis
  • Boris Brott, O.C., O.Ont., LL.D.

Our board members and advisors are highly motivated individuals. They are recruited based on their ability to provide professional skills and advice, as well as their ability to partake in fundraising and audience development.

Board members actively support the arts and have experience in business, fundraising, marketing, communications or have a legal or financial background.

Board Members are committed, outgoing, and effective communicators. They are also open-minded, outside-the-box thinkers, team players and are able to delegate. In addition, they are well-connected individuals with access to resources needed to further the Ensemble vision. They are, however, primarily and passionately interested in building and bringing the Ensemble to success.

Board Vacancies

Musikay welcomes highly motivated individuals to serve on its board of Directors.

Musikay is a registered Charity, a professional arts organization that presents choral and orchestral concerts in Hamilton and the area.

Interested individuals should have a passionate interest in classical music and a desire to support the ensemble’s vision and goals. Directors are expected to participate in Board meetings, committee(s) and be an integral part in revenue generation. Nominations are welcome from individuals looking for a rewarding challenge.

Interested parties are invited to complete an application form and send a resume to Musikay.

If you are nominating someone other than yourself, please indicate whether you have contacted the nominee to confirm their interest. To submit a nomination, please send the following information about the nominee in writing to Musikay:

Telephone number (home and business)
Email address
Brief summary of experience or qualifications