Production & Stage management coordinator
  • Make contact with churches to arrange performances
  • List requirements for concert
  • Arrange for concert needs
  • Look after setup and clearing of stage before and after rehearsals & concerts
Special event coordinator
  • Organize workshops and other educational ventures
  • Organize and oversee production of lectures
  • Oversee pre-concert chats & post concert receptions
Personnel manager & Music librarian
  • Contact and hire performers
  • Distribute and collect contracts
  • Distribute and collect music
Tickets and database management
  • Monitor ticket sales
  • Send comp tickets to pre-determined list of guests
  • Prepare list of tickets sold to front of house on concert day
  • Manage database
  • Enter new and updated information in Database and Vertical Response
  • Training videos: ticketbud • vertical_responsedatabase
Marketing coordinator
  • Oversee writing and distribution of media releases
  • Provide content for website, social media, flyers, seasonal pamphlet, concert descriptions, etc.
  • Oversee promo material distribution
  • Arrange for photographer and videographer
  • Oversee group outings
  • Contact local groups (retirement residences, churches, interest clubs, etc.)
  • Update online event calendars
Social media coordinator & website management
  • Maintain social media channels
  • Post regularly
  • Build follower base on all sites
  • Maintain and update website
  • Schedule posts


Volunteer coordinator
  • Maintain volunteer postings
  • Recruit, interview, and select volunteers
  • Match “job” with volunteers
  • Assign task as required
  • Train volunteers
  • Monitor progress
  • Create descriptions for new postings
  • Organize volunteers recognition
Grant researcher and writers
  • Research potential grants
  • Liaise with grantors
  • Write applications and reports
  • Obtain feedback from grantors to improve future applications
Music and a Meal coordinator
  • Liaise with current participating restaurants
  • Recruit new restaurants to the program
  • Provide promotional material to participants
  • Monitor compliance of all participants
  • Help write content for flyers, seasonal pamphlet, concert descriptions, etc.
  • Write programme notes