Welcome to this special page devoted to our valued donors.

Musikay offers quality concert experiences each season and does so in the least expensive means possible.

We operate at the lowest cost possible
  • singers receive below par wages—currently using profit sharing
  • players about a third of standard rates
  • we use free public domain scores and spend weeks fixing them
  • we rely on social media for our promotion
  • we use minimal printed material to reach our audience
  • we do not have personnel—all administrative tasks are done by volunteers
As we strive to improve each season
  1. the technical and musical requirements placed on the performers increases
  2. to meet the demand for quality we must seek highly trained and experienced singers and players
  3. to attract those quality performers we need to offer competitive rates
  4. to offer those absolutely needed rates and to continue offering the best performances we need your continued monetary backing.
We truly depend on you, not only as an audience member, but as an enthusiast who believes in and helps sustain our work into the future.

As we continue our seventh season with a performance of Handel’s Messiah on December 20th, we invite you to become a regular contributor of Musikay whose musical experiences touch and replenish souls.

During this season of giving, consider making a gift of $500, $250, or $100.
For your convenience, visit to make you contribution online and even spread your support throughout the year with monthly installments.
To learn more on the many ways you can support your ensemble, contact us by email or at 905.825.9740.

Your regular giving allows us to perform choral and instrumental classical music to inspire audiences and nurture the understanding of music’s relevance in our world.

For over seven years we have been the best stewards of your gift and we want to show you exactly how we use your support to better the lives of the community members. Click on any of the graphs to enlarge.

Our current use of funds.


Note: the amount for performers in the graph above is a best case scenario.
In reality the that portion fluctuates according to the audience attending our concerts as all singers and director and paid strictly of concert profits—which can range from nothing to a few hundred dollars.


What we need to succeed.



This chart compares our current expenditures and what Musikay, as a professional group, needs to be successful.