What an afternoon we had yesterday.

Four voices, four beautiful voices, the best acoustics found in Hamilton, great music, an absolutely intimate setting, and you have the perfect description of our concert.

With very few verbal introductions and poignant singing, we created an “atmosphere” concert—no applause until the very end of the programme. No flashy outfits. Just a complete focus on the music.

Placed in a U shape, Richard Hansen, Anne Kae, Kasia, Konstanty, and myself sang as close friends making music for the absolute joy of it. It was sublime.

Since the founding of Musikay, I only sang twice as I usually am in front of the singers leading the ensemble. It was an experience I look forward to repeating. Although we were all physically tired, we left with an internal energy that is indescribable. Even the audience who heard rather somber music seemed energized.

Now that Musikay has been reset, expect more and more concerts from us in the months and years to come.

Until then, thank you all who came and shared this experience with us and to those who support us generously.

Stéphane Potvin