Everyone has heard at least one of the choruses or arias and wondered “What is that heavenly music?” The Hallelujah Chorus alone has been used in countless advertising campaigns and has come to symbolize, among other things, a moment of enlightenment, discovery, and majesty.

For a number of years now, every Yuletide, Musikay presents Messiah. This December we offer something extra: in preparation for our annual Messiah concert on December 19; we offer a special workshop on December 5 and en français on December 4. Both events take place at Grace Lutheran Church in Hamilton.

How to handle Messiah is a unique opportunity to learn about this great work. Maestro Potvin will present examples of different interpretations of some key selections, discuss their appeal and merit, and let you discover the secrets hidden in the music. In addition, there will be a chance to sing some of the majestic choral selections from Handel’s masterpiece, and some solos too!

Whether you know Messiah intimately or you are just discovering this wonderful tour de force of baroque composition, How to handle Messiah is sure to provide you with knowledge and enjoyment, and it will be a perfect companion to our performance of the complete work.

How to handle Messiah

En français: Friday, December 4, 7:00 – 9:30 p.m.
In English: Saturday, December 5, 2:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Grace Lutheran Church, Hamilton
1107 Main street west (corner of Cline)

For details and to reserve your spot visit http://musikay.ca/how-to-handle-messiah/

Join us on December 4 & 5 to (re)discover Messiah in new and exciting ways.