Our mission

After several years of existence it was time for Musikay to put down on paper what our Artistic Director had envisioned for this unique group.

Over the past several months we took a number of steps to develop a new and clear mission statement.

We met with some of our patrons to get their feedback on past seasons and their thoughts on new ideas and future programmes.

We held several meetings where a small team went through a rigorous process to define our values and answer three specific questions that lead to identifying keywords.

Using the keywords, we then created four statements:

Purpose: Musikay performs choral and instrumental classical music to inspire audiences and nurture their understanding of music’s relevance in our world.

Mission: Moved by our passion for vibrant interpretations, we demonstrate how music transcends the printed notes on a page, enable audiences to experience a wide spectrum of emotions, and foster new talent.

Vision: We are internationally celebrated for our evocative performances and for our pure and rich sound.

Tagline: Perform • Inspire • Nurture