When Alberta-born Anne Kaewmongkol found herself in Ontario five years ago, not only did she discover a new place to call home, but a new voice to go with it. Her musical career started as a young pianist in Edmonton as an accompanist. After a few years of travelling and teaching English abroad, she landed in British Columbia where she took up vocal training as a Mezzo. Anne studied under Robyn Cathcart at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, exploring opera, musical theatre, jazz, and pop performance while continuing to lead music at different churches throughout the city. Upon her arrival in Hamilton, she started singing as part of the ensemble of Christ’s Church Cathedral Choir under Michael Bloss—this time, as an Alto. With the guidance of Sue Crowe Connolly, she is re-learning to sing same ecclectic mix of musical repetoire she did in Victoria with this richer register; her recent performances with Brott Chorus and Brott Opera ensembles are just the beginning. Anne is excited to share her new sound with you in her Musikay debut.